Explorer - Gibson

Guitar files for CNC

Complete Vectors and Surfaces
to open on your CAM software

glued neck version

Scale: 24.669  (626.6mm)
Nut: 1.6875 (42.86mm)
Fretboard Vintage Radius: 7.5 (190.5mm) 
Fretboard Standard Radius: 12 (304.8mm)
Headstock: 13º

See images from VCarve (same for Aspire)





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    1. Hi PJ. I´m doing any model from list for 45€ ($50usd). These models are based on plans bought on internet or from books. The most aspect from original guitars are there, but something are changed or adjustable to be better to use on CNC. The guitars are what you can see in the images.
      The files open on Aspire and VCarve and now I´m doing also to Artcam and soon Fusion 360. If you haven´t Aspire, VCarve or Artcam I send STL and DXF divided in Body, Neck, Fingerboard front and back to make easy you import to your software.
      More informations 3dcncguitars@gmail.com



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