Details of the purchase

After purchasing...
a file through PayPal, you receive a link to download your files in WinRAR.
Unzip the file to a location on your computer.
Do not change folder names and locations. They will be important for future updates.

Shipping is not automatic.
Each customer is registered and has the files sent with the password that corresponds to their order.
The shipping time can be between 1 to 6 hours.

The download time of the files is 24 hours.
Download them as soon as you receive the notification so you don't forget.
Save a backup copy to an external location on your computer.
If you lose the download time or lose the original files, you must send the order number and the files will only be sent to the same email as sent before.
An extra fee of 9 dollars will be charged.

 It is very important...
that you keep your password and order number in case you need to recover your files in the future.

The data may...
also be useful for future updates.

This makes it easy...
to find your purchase details.
Otherwise, there may be a long wait.

After opening the files
The files are numbered as a suggested order of use.
In the versions of Single Sided you will have body and weight divided in front and back, fretboard and some guitars have neck files separate from the fretboard with truss rod cavity.

The truss rod as standard is 2 ways. The most common, easiest to install and effective.

If you are interested in old models, buy an additional file that you can find into
the each classic guitar model.

There are two models, a Fender style and a Gibson style.

These files have only the relief and the path to fit the truss rod from the front and back in the case of Fender and only the front trim for Gibson.
Positioning to work with your guitar is your responsibility.

For different models, see if it is available on the

Opening a file, the notes window automatically appears.

There, some basic instructions will be provided.
When you no longer want it to open, delete the dot at the top of the window

In the Drawling Tab, in the Job Setup option, the size of the sacrifice area houses the work elements as closely as possible.
You can modify it to your liking as well as the Z ZERO Position, XY Datum Position, Resolution and your favorite viewing color.

On the other side you can modify the height of the material and
configure the bit output, dip position, etc.

In the Layers Tab, the vectors are divided by elements that make up the guitar such as
Body profile, Roughing area of ​​the neck rest, control box, etc.
Some layer names correspond with the names of the Toolpaths.

In the Molding Tab you will find the surface of the corresponding guitar part with the file name.
Generally and in most cases the surfaces have no cavities. This is best if you want to modify something.
On Aspire, you can use your knowledge in it to make changes or unlike VCarve, Aspire provides you with the possibility to create other elements or even import from other auxiliary software.

In the Toolpaths tab you will find the toolpaths simple enough for your immediate understanding, but sufficiently effective in the machining of your guitar.
Toolpaths are intended for novice users, but it is extremely important that you have prior knowledge in using your CNC as each machine combined with each cutter and different types of wood, behave differently.

Enter Edit on the route and modify the parameters to best suit your machine.
Change the material height if necessary, check if you have the same cutter or if you want to use another one.
Change what you think is best to make it better for your CNC.
So it is important if you have no previous experience with your CNC, that you use cheap wood as a test and use the slow speeds to avoid accidents.

More complete machining can have dozens more toolpaths. Feel free the desire to do as many more as necessary. Or just use the ones that are already in your file.

An exclusive customer area and forum are being provided.

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