Guitars for Aspire or VCarve PRO

without toolpaths
US$ 95.00

This option is interesting if you already bought an "Included Toolpaths version".
You can save that toolpaths as template and import to these files.

You can also buy the toolpaths separately if you feel some difficulties to create them.

Included toolpaths
US$ 149.00

Included toolpaths
OBJ, DXF and fingerboard pack
US$ 189.00

Here you will find the toolpaths to machine your guitar as a simple way.
It meaning, this job consider that you will use a blank wood and you will use the minimum few bits possible.

The toolpaths are made to be easier for the beginners on CNC.

After your test (it is important to to test before) you will be able to change and increase toolpaths as you wish. 

Request an invoice for the guitar you want to buy

If your Aspire version is not the most current, the files will not open.

To receive files for previous versions you will receive them in 
Aspire/VCarve 8.5
In this case you can receive your files in until 24 hours