About the models for Vectric

"Each file has Layers organized in each vector and surface elements"

Description of the content of each type of files available for sale on this website

  • The files are organized so that each side is in a separate file.
  • This assures that you not find a confusing file with dozens of layers,vectors, surfaces and toolpaths.
  • Users already experienced with Vectric software can easily modify their files as they wish.

Below a video with a brief explanation of the 3dcncguitars files

File details

The files are separated into parts and front and back

This makes it easier to use and understand the files.
Otherwise they are very confused, but if it is the wish of those who buy them, he can put everything in one or even adapt all the parts to be machined in a large CNC area.

Toolpaths are made according to each model.
They are meant to be your starting point.

As a standard, milling cutters are the most common and made with a reduced number of sizes to make it easier for those who do not have much bit diversity yet.
For those who are already used to machining on their CNC, it will be easy to understand the operating mode used in the files and will begin (if they wish) to modify, increase or even replace the toolpaths.

The speeds by standard is slow and the step over and plunge steps are minimal, thinking about the safety of the user and the care with more fragile machines.

Make initial tests and observe the behavior of the bit movements and make the necessary changes.

Below are the links that will take you to the available models.

Read carefully about the models you want to buy and download the sample for testing.

  • No Toopaths included
    The files for VCarve PRO or Aspire are organized as:
    • Generic toolpaths for body, neck and fretboard 
    • Standard Tools

  • Simple Toolpaths included
example from a front body file

What do you find when you open 3dcncguitars files

The images were taken from the screens of the VCarve PRO
In the same way it presents itself in Aspire

For Cut2D some elements are not present.


Now these model below are also available to Aspire Double Sided
The files will open on VCarve 10.5 or Aspire 10.5

Double Sided +Simple Toolpaths included

Files for Aspire 9.5 or upper and Vcarve 10 are organized as:
  • Body Front+Back
  • Complete Neck with fretboard Front+Back
  • The files contain toolpaths made according the model purchased


In this version the separate Fretboard and Neck is not sold in the package
These must be purchased separately.