Guitar Kits


If you want to assemble a guitar or bass, you can choose any of our available models.

  • mix the models by ordering a different body shape and neck
  • order any fingerboard radius (cylindrical or conic)
  • we can make the neck with your headstock model
  • choose the pickups set and the control box side.
  • order your custom pickguard


  • Custom laser engravings
  • Custom CNC engravings
  • Bodies with top or veneer
  • Some models can opt for Fan frets Style
  • Chambered body
  • Laminate neck

KITS for Luthiers

3DCNCGUITARS can develop your model and provide a KIT of your own guitar with quality because we are also luthiers.

You can order one or several guitars.
Some factories that have been growing in recent years, have chosen in some cases to have a line of guitars made in Asia for cost reduction, but also a smaller production in smaller factories to also offer a line in less quantity being an alternative of higher quality.


Write us details about your project and we will return with a pre-quote as soon as possible.

After an analysis on your project, we will send details on how to proceed with the order.