Home Made CNC

Home Made CNC

If you want to do your own CNC but don´t have experience enough for it, let me know!
I got some projects I did that can be good for your job.
I also can make a special project for what you need (size and force).
For guitars or anything for wood, plastics, soft metals and MDF I can offer the plans and technical support to do make it.

Project 2015

Very simple to assembly, faster and precise.
Made with cut laser metals, spindle and step motors strong.
With 4 axis driver.
Linear guides
Rack bars with reduction systems 3:1

Project 2014


The bigger CNC I did

My second CNC, later I change the router for a spindle

This simple CNC I did to do model aircraft

This CNC I did to do photos

This is my first machine
I did 30 basses and 2 guitars on it.

This CNC was my third machine.
All aluminiun cut, I did with hacksaw!
Too much work !