How to order your guitar

How to order your guitar

Standard order
the initial price is U $ 190.00 (usd)

It is a project where it is possible to take advantage of ready-made guitar elements, making modifications to them.

What modifications?
There are modifications in the headstock and body contours, position of the pickups, modification of inlays.

The toolpaths are simplified as well as the Fender Jaguar guitar provided for free on the first page of the site.

Those toolpaths will serve as a base for you to use and adapt them to your bits, size and position on the CNC base.
In this standard mode, different reliefs such as belly, arm rest, heel neck, volute, shape, etc. are not created.

Only the elements taken from other guitars.
The only relief that can be created to measure is the radius of the scale and this can be unique or compound.


Special orders
The initial price is U $ 290 (usd)

It is a totally exclusive order with all dimensions and outline provided by the customer.
In order to receive an adequate budget for what you need, I ask you to send me some reference images or show me an existing guitar that is close to your project.

The amount varies according to the complexity of the job based on the number of hours worked.

The amount is further divided into:
1 - files organized in Aspire / VCarve / Cut2D / Fusion360 / Artcam / Carveco
2 - ready files, suitable for your CNC and bits, with GCodes ready to run.

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