Moi3D license and Tutorials + discount

 Moi3D license                                 

20% Off

Including a basic tutorial about guitars

including a basic tutorial + customization + guitar parts library.

The guitars you find in the website was made on MOI3D

Yes i worked with Rhino 4, 5 and 6 and sure Rhino has more features
and functions, but although Moi is simple compared
to Rhino it’s still very powerful.

If you have previous Rhino experience it won’t take
you more than a couple of minutes to get into
Moi and to integrate it in your workflow.

Moi is also very logical, the tools and the layout
of the interface makes it very user-friendly even
to people who never modeled with Nurbs or never
modeled before on a computer. It’s a tool i can
recommend for experienced professionals and newbies.

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The time for you to receive your license can vary from a few minutes to a maximum of 6 hours.

During the payment, please leave your name or your company's name, address and email address in the "Notes to the seller" for sending the material. If you wish also send these data to:

Purchases made in the European Union will be added with IVA.

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U$ 239.20

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