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Read about guitars and how they are and they
proposes before to buy any model.
That is in 3 different pages and during the process of the purchase.

Due to the fact that there are recently more
people without knowledge in the manufacture of guitars,
use of Vectric software and previous knowledge
of the use of their CNC and the fact that they
completely ignore the warnings contained in
this page causing me a great inconvenience,
of which in more than 10 years I have this page,
never having been there before, I find myself in a
situation of having to make drastic changes in the way
I make my files available and remove half of the
guitar models from the list.

The models will be available in several versions and
the prices for amateurs and professionals will
be quite different.

This will happen until the end of this week.

Until then all sales are suspended



Files are being updated to version 10
If you don't use licensed versions, you probably won't be able to open them.
I am not responsible for problems with illegal software.
If you want to buy Vectric software, I have a resale license with a 10% discount.
If the Aspire is too expensive for you I suggest the VCarve Pro + Moi3D. I also get discounts for both.

I'm editing a new video on how to make your guitar with Aspire 10, VCarve 10, Rhino6 and Moi3D 4.0

There I am putting all my experience of over 15 years making guitars and basses for CNC.
I started my journey in Germany in 2003 in a still unknown bass factory and today world famous.
I made guitars for private luthiers of famous musicians and excellent luthiers worldwide.
I make my own basses and have made over 60 different basses.
Since 2014 I work for Bass Mods in California, but since 2017 I work from home in Spain and visit the factory twice a year to try out the prototypes and other products before shipping to guitar factories in Canada, China and South Korea. Machines up to 5 spindles working simultaneously.
I was for a few months working at Raimundo Guitars in Valencia Spain with a 5-axis CNC.

The guitars you find here for Vectric software are my extra work and are models thinking to make it easier to understand how the process works for experienced luthiers who are starting at CNC.

This does not take away your responsibility to know the software and how to operate your CNC.
When you encounter any difficulty other than a file malfunction, it should take your books or tutorial videos and study.

This page of mine and these guitars are very far from being what my works are for these factories
It is impossible to offer something generic for so many variables.
These guitars are not exact copies as I mentioned 3 times or more on my website.
They are based on DXF and PDF projects found on the internet, paid or free.
Some aspects of the guitar are not the same as an original and I also make adaptations thinking about a majority of possible situations such as more common bits, thicknesses, simplified neck fittings etc.

"The guitar looks like a Fender 50, but it is not a copy"
For that reason the price is too good.

But if you are looking for a perfect guitar you have the option to learn how to make it with my new videos or order a copy to run on your CNC.

The starting price for this is 1500 dollars. I await your order!



For who already bought the
How to do your own guitar on Aspire 3.5
will can make an upgrade to
How to do your own guitar on Aspire 10

Soon a complete video This video is a Opening´s DEMO, it showing the results on a home made CNC the truss rod pocket.

Each video class have a sequence showing the results on CNC.


> Complete guitar with VCarve PRO (or Desktop) resources <
> Your guitar with VCarve PRO 10 (or Desktop) + Moi3D

 Additional videos: 

> How to make your necks on Rhino6 < 

> Complete video how to match both sides of your guitar machining < 

 Additional Packs

 + CNC Guitar Plan 

+ CNC Guitar Plan 

+ 5 ready guitars to machine

The upgrade include only videos.

Moi3d videos, guitar files for training, CNC plan,  and How to match both sides of your guitar on CNC will sold separately.

Now Double Sided Version available

Guitar files available in

DXF | STL | VCarve | Aspire

Quick access Links


== Guitars ==

In each guitar page you will find details and PayPal buttons to buy your guitar

Licença Creative Commons


Please don’t buy any guitar files until you have tried our sample and are 100% satisfied.
Fender Jaguar for:Aspire

The models are based on PDF plans, but some aspects are difficult to keep exactly from original models for different reasons.
One of the reasons is because these plans are not always too close from original and some times there are lack of information.

Other point is that the same model made in different factories, series and year also show some different .

Read more in:



IMPORTANT NOTES Read about guitars and how they are and they proposes before to buy any model. That is in 3 different pages and...