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For now all models available for:

ASPIRE 10 / 


The files are organized in separated files:

Body - Front
Body - Rear
Neck (complete) - Front
Neck - Rear
Neck (without fretboard) - Front

without toolpaths
US$ 95.00

*Included toolpaths
US$ 149.00

*In coming
Included toolpaths + jigs + tutorial

*Including STL, DXF, Plan, fingerboard pack =============================

The truss rod is selling separately
and you can use they on any model

Old Truss rod
US$ 39.00

2 ways truss rod
US$ 29.00

Truss rod Pack
US$ 65.00

10 Radius Fingerboard Pack (STL only)
7.25" 9.5" 10" 12" 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 20"
US$ 39.00
including 10-16 inches

4 Guitar Scales Pack (DXF)
24.0" - 24.75" - 25.5" - 26.5"
US$ 29.00


The files are constantly updated for improvement.

Updates are made under newer versions.

If your software version is not the most current, the files will not open.
To receive files for other versions you will receive them in:
Aspire 3.5 or VCarve 8.5

If you use VCarve Desktop or Cut2D write to:


In coming +10 new models

All models undergoing reviews


Guitar files available in

DXF | STL | VCarve | Aspire

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== Guitars ==

In each guitar page you will find details and PayPal buttons to buy your guitar

Licença Creative Commons


Please don’t buy any guitar files until you have tried our sample and are 100% satisfied.
Fender Jaguar 
Ask for this model writing to : 3dcncguitars@gmail.com

The models are based on PDF plans, but some aspects are difficult to keep exactly from original models for different reasons.

One of the reasons is because these plans are not always too close from original and some times there are lack of information.

Other point is that the same model made in different factories, series and year also show some different .

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For now all models available for: ASPIRE 10 /  VCARVE 10 ==================================== The files are organize...