quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2016


For receiving weekly orders for the sale of my guitar models, even though I removed them from the sale and for the increase in "no" experienced guitar manufacturers looking for ready guitar files and needing technical support that I am unable to give .

I am making the sale of my guitar models available indefinitely.

However, to avoid inconvenience with newbies at CNC and guitar construction, I will not be offering ready-made files for you to just adapt to your machine and bits (which lately neither do), I am offering the elements for each one to assemble their guitar on Aspire, VCarve, Artcam and others.

Simplifying things:

) Go to my BLOG and choose the model or part of it.
Neck: 30 $
Fretboard: $ 15
Inlays: $ 10
Flat body with no chambers: 25 $
Body with archtop: 60 $
Archtop only: $ 40

To add
) Open in software
Vectric and Artcam DXF and STL (3 axis CNC) files separated by front and back + $ 20
Files mounted on Double Sided Aspire or VCarve + $ 45
Open file with your CNC area + $ 60
Open files with your CNC area and 5 bits of your choice + $ 100

Open in 3D DXF IGES software (3, 4 or 5 axis CNC) + $ 150

Toolpath Templates as a starting point for:
Full neck with frets and inlays: 20 $
Full glass with or without archtop: 10 $
Fretboard only: 15 $

Not available for Artcam

Being prepared for
Fusion 360
note: please consult about these versions

Please make the sum of the amounts and send payment to PayPal:
Describe your order
Shipping time between 6 to 72 hours
I do not answer on weekends